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Engagement Shoot (M&J)

love birds

Whenever we shoot weddings we always throw in a complementary engagement shoot. I find it's a great way to get to know a couple before their big day. Jordan and Maddie are funny and delightful to work with.


More pictures coming soon!


Fun with bash

This is a fun bit of code. If you run it you should get a nice ASCII screen saver in your console. It reminds me of the matrix. Next time you're in a mac store run this full screen on all the computers. See what they do and let me know.

bc64=( {a..z} {A..Z} {0..9} + / = );c;while true; do echo -ne "\033[$((1+RANDOM%LINES));$((1+RANDOM%COLUMNS))H\033[$((RANDOM%2));3$((RANDOM%8))m${bc64[$((RANDOM%${#bc64[@]}))]}"; sleep 0.01 ; done  

Playful Logo

Sometimes the most technical of services need a more playful brand. Nic, pro audio engineer and owner of Basset Hound Sound, asked his wife, Kat (@simachtlu), to come up with a logo.

Kat is a musician who loves to paint and will be opening her own "Distant Thunder Studio" shop soon.

LUMA currently is assisting with web development and business card design.

With a splash of pink

The Carson and Anderson family came with splashes of pink to the University of Oregon campus. We walked to a few locations for group photos with a toddler and puppy dog in tow.

What a great group! Fortunately they shared my tongue-in-cheek goofy sense of humor.

"Grandmarie" brought plenty of toys to entertain the kiddo.

If you are interested in a photo shoot, give us a ring. Every shoot comes with a small photo book.

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