Our story begins with a word

A word which grew into a concept which grew into a company.

A few Case Studies

The Nautical Institute

How to spark a conversation about a really abstract subject, in times of a pandemic.


How to turn boring and complex into attractive and simple.


How to make an extremely complex social media platform easy to use and understand.

World Animal Protection

How to make people care and donate for the wellbeing of animals even during a humanitarian crisis.

United Nations Refugee Agency

How to tell the story without compromising those who have lived it.

Schmidt Ocean Institute

How to ignite interest in the most remote places on Earth.

Conservation International

How to keep stories consistent through many countries and many subjects.

What we’re all about


Allow communications to strengthen your business goals.


Convey the message in simple and memorable terms.

Graphic Design

Structure the content and present it visually in just the right way.


Informative and seductive images that will boost your message.


A strong narrative through moving images and animation keeps your audience engaged.

User Experience

Empower your audience through intuitive experiences.

Social Media

Build your own voice and keep the conversation going.

Step by step

Slide Take the plunge 1 Storytelling doesn’t have to be intimidating! Not everybody designs stories for a living, we get that. We’ll guide you through every step of the way. 2 Cards on the table We’ll start by making sure we understand your objectives, the message you want to get across, who the audience that you want to reach is and what resources are available in order to build your story. 3
In case you haven’t decided which type of product (video, website, app, print, etc) would suit your needs better, we’ll figure it out together. We’ll pitch our idea using references so it’s very clear what we’re proposing to create.
Choose your weapon
Then the magic begins! We’ll translate your complex content into a simple and memorable story. We’ll weed out anything that isn’t absolutely necessary, using only the best bits as your building blocks. Cut through the noise
5 We want to avoid any unwanted surprises. This is why we materialize your story right in front of your eyes. Every iteration is presented in a way that ensures that we’re all on the same page. Build it up 6 All of our collective preparation and effort will bear fruit. You’ll receive a product to be proud of. A tool that serves your objectives and inspires your audience. Hit play!

A taster

Graphic Design
GUI & Social Media

It has been a pleasure working with LUMA, their professionalism and creativity have shown through. I also appreciated them challenging my ‘customer needs’ in the most polite way. We look forward to working with them again.

David Patraiko - The Nautical Institute

LUMA’s team understood our brand and point of view, and brought great new ideas to the table that really elevated our product. What’s more, they were flexible, accommodating, and a pleasure to work with!

Kate Yoshida - Lion Guardians

Working with LUMA has been a pleasure. The staff are professional, dedicated, intelligent and fast!
LUMA  have not only developed great stories and visuals for our projects, but have also helped us get to the core of what it is we want to portray.

What is most valuable is that they can do this without taking up much of our time, turning a 30minute conversation and a couple of follow up questions into high quality products we can all feel proud of at the end of the day.

Blair Thornton - University of Southampton

For us working with LUMA has been the happy union of science and conservation with the world of information and communication. We couldn’t be happier.

Marco Quesada - Director, Conservation International Costa Rica

LUMA is one of the most reliable graphic design studios with which we’ve worked. They always capture the essence and present solutions and designs that meet our goals. Coupled with their professionalism, something unusual in this industry.

Luis Carlos Chaves - COO, Avantica Technologies

LUMA is characterized by a professional, focused and reliable service. They’ve been by our side throughout our company’s strategy development process. LUMA’s work has always surpased our expectations.

Mario Ruiz - Director, Consultamed

LUMA has conducted the work with intelligence and commitment, delivering not only a great quality product but a tool that has enabled our organization to strengthen its alliances and approaches towards development and conservation.

Vivienne Solis - Director, Coopesolidar

Thanks to the video that LUMA developed, the audience understood the dream of my entire life in just two minutes.

Jorge Gronda - Fundador, Ser Foundation

LUMA has been a strategic partner in several of our audiovisual communication projects regarding our social and environmental initiatives. LUMA has been able to listen to us, understand our needs and generate creative and efficient solutions. It’s been a pleasure working with LUMA’s team, always ready to offer us a top service.

Irene Sandoval - Senior Communications Specialist Chiquita

What sets LUMA apart is their professionalism, responsibility and commitment towards their clients. Their response to our needs has always been positive, they have an extraordinary hability to adapt to our organization’s conditions without compromising quality and excelence.

Sandra Ramirez - Corporate Communications Coordinator FUNDES

We were lucky to have benefited from so much creativity and great taste.

Edith Zavala - Programme Director, CAMMINA

Thank you LUMA for your great work! In very little time they were able to grasp the core message we needed to convey, going beyond our expectations. It’s very seldom that one finds a company that can perform the work with such sense of responsibility and dedication, open and candid communication.

Johana Cerdas - Director, Fundameco

LUMA has a talented team that shows knowledge, creativity and endless resources to enhance the possibilities and solutions in order to achieve the objectives we’ve set. It’s also very easy to work with them, they always keep a positive attitude and an open mind to tackle new challenges. It’s an honor to develop my film with this company.

Patricia Velasquez - Filmmaker

“Monika is one of the most talented and professional multimedia journalists and designers that I know. I have always been impressed with her creativity, designs, and speedy turnaround. She brings an elegance and unique approach to her work and has a vast knowledge to approach a multitude of projects and subject matter.

Carlie Wiener - Communications Director

LUMA is a dynamic and versatile studio. They offer creative, efficient and effective solutions to the most diverse communicational needs. LUMA can sell a product and touch a heart.

Glendon Ramirez - Musician and Entrepreneur

OLIVAfilms was born inspired by the work of Jacques Cousteau. Through his work, Cousteau showed us the world’s oceans as if telling us a bedtime story. With LUMA as our strategic partner, we want to continue telling that story and to continue touching lives.

Roy Prendas - Director, Oliva Films

LUMA provides top-notch service with great attention to detail. We needed to supplement our internal UX team on a new project and they were able to get up to speed on the project needs quickly and started generating new ideas right away. Their flexibility and willingness to adapt to changing circumstances is fabulous!

Lorinda Jackson - Lead User Experience Designer

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