The Challenge

People want access to the content they care about, and content providers want to reach those target audiences. ACM Sistemas realized this and asked us to come up with a User Experience solution that would meet both needs. This meant designing a Graphic User Interface with multiple levels of engagement, several kinds of users each one with different privileges, countless parallel timelines and a myriad of customizable notifications.

The Solution

The main strategy for us was to avoid reinventing the wheel, so to speak.

By taking advantage of all the social media usability conventions already in place, we started building an intuitive User Experience for a responsive website. Our close collaboration with ACM Sistemas has enabled the company to begin developing a social media platform that will guide the users through increasing levels of depth in the content they consider relevant; and will aid content providers to better cater for their audiences’ interests.

Itikus Mockups

More Case Studies

The Nautical Institute

How to spark a conversation about a really abstract subject, in times of a pandemic.


How to make an extremely complex social media platform easy to use and understand.

World Animal Protection

How to make people care and donate for the wellbeing of animals even during a humanitarian crisis.

United Nations Refugee Agency

How to tell the story without compromising those who have lived it.

Schmidt Ocean Institute

How to ignite interest in the most remote places on Earth.

Conservation International

How to keep stories consistent through many countries and many subjects.

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