The Challenge

When we were commissioned by World Animal Protection International to share their incredible work ensuring the health of domestic animals after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, we knew this would be particularly challenging. We are not even talking about the project’s considerable logistic difficulties, but about how to introduce the subject of animal well-being amidst such an overwhelming humanitarian crisis.

The Solution

We made sure that the core message of our ten minute-long documentary was that domestic animals are fundamental for human well-being in that country. This way, the human angle takes the center stage. We also gave a touching human face to the story: Watson, a charismatic boy living in a refugee camp; and Francois, head of the Arch initiative, both struggling to cope with Haiti’s situation. Through this compelling narrative, donors understood the importance of the project and World Animal Protection International was able to continue the conversation with their stakeholders.

“LIT” WSPA Documentary

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