The Challenge

The Nautical Institute believes that when seafarers engage in mentoring relationships, ships become happier, safer and more efficient. They asked us to help them inspire crews from different cultures, countries, ages, genders, ranks and experiences, all over the world, to take 10 minutes out of their already busy days to share their knowledge with their teams. Oh, and we needed to produce content in the middle of a pandemic, so we couldn’t travel anywhere or interview anyone in person.

The Solution

Launching a campaign on social media and recording interviews online was a no brainer, not to mention our only real option. In order to make sure that the content was compelling enough to cut through the thick noise of everything going on in the world on 2020, we decided to rely heavily on the power of personal stories.

We made sure we represented the human diversity that works onboard ships all around the world, and we asked them to share with us their personal stories at sea, and their intimate mentoring experiences, good and bad. We used animated characters to represent those accounts in a visually attractive way, and then we launched a three-month long social media campaign that included a wide variety of testimonies, videos, interviews, animations, webinars, infographics, etc. The result was an authentic and passionate conversation that hopefully galvanized mentoring onboard vessels.

It has been a pleasure working with LUMA, their professionalism and creativity have shown through. I also appreciated them challenging my ‘customer needs’ in the most polite way. We look forward to working with them again.

David Patraiko - The Nautical Institute


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Social Media Graphic
Short Story

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